Asuria is a provider of Disability Employment Services (DES), a service that is delivered by the Australian government that supports people who identify as having a disability, injury, or illness back to suitable sustainable employment. 

Why Disability Employment Services? DES is a free service that does not utilize any of the NDIS issued funding, it is a program designed to compliment the plan and prepare the customer for suitable and sustainable ongoing employment. How can a referral be made? You can simply contact the Asuria customer service team on 1800 773 338 who will take some details and then connect you with the local mentor. Alternatively, you can also visit your closest Asuria DES site and ask to direct register or book an appointment to get commenced.

Why choose Asuria as your provider? The Asuria culture drives a sense of innovation, excitement and passion in all programs and services we deliver. We believe in you Your future employment is our primary concern, we will concentrate on your strengths, we will value your experience and we will respect you for what you have achieved. We hear you and support you Your Asuria Mentor is someone who will personally get to know the real you, a person who cares about you and will help you gain a job with employers who may be looking for people with the skills, experience and interests that you have. We help you get and keep your job We will be there for you in the following months to make sure everything is going in the right direction - and that direction is a job that works for you and your future.

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