Justice Advocacy Service

9am to 5pm Monday - Friday for court supports, Police custody supports 24/7

The Justice Advocacy Service provides free services for people with cognitive impairment across NSW, by supporting them at court, police stations and correctional facilities.

The Justice Advocacy Service provides free support to people with a cognitive impairment if they come into contact with the criminal justice system. We support and advocate for victims, witnesses and suspects/defendants in all criminal justice matters. This includes traffic and AVO matters at police stations, court and prison. Unlike other services we do not require full diagnosis to assist people and support all ages. If you or someone you know has the following disabilities or suspected disabilities we can help: Intellectual Disability Dementia Autism Borderline Intellectual Functioning Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Acquired Brain Injury Brain injury or damage resulting from the overuse of drugs or alcohol

Eligibility Criteria

Diagnosis or suspected cognitive impairment with criminal proceedings

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