Freedom Solutions

After 48 years of dedicated service, Solve-TAD, a charity organisation that creates innovative and custom assistive technology solutions for people living with disabilties, has rebranded as Freedom Solutions Australia.

Freedom Solutions Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that designs and builds assistive technology solutions for people living with disability. We have supported over 50,000 people to live more independent lives and achieve their functional goals thanks to the clever ideas of our dedicated volunteers. 

Unique Solutions are often custom pieces of assistive technology which are not available on the market or modified commercial equipment.

Adaptable Solutions: We have a range of products for children that are designed to promote independence. Many of the designs are adjustable so they grow along with your child.

Freedom Wheels Program: Freedom Wheels is a national program where skilled staff and volunteers work closely with children, families and therapists to create customised bicycles.  Each Freedom Wheels bike is tailored to the child’s height and weight as well as physical and cognitive abilities. Our customised supports give children with disabilities the confidence and freedom to ride a bike.

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