W.W.W.W. Wounded Womens Weekly Workshops

10am - 5pm

Support for victims/survivors of experiences such as incest/child abuse/child sexual assault/adult rape/domestic violence/trauma of any kind who are suffering PTSS (post traumatic stress) .

A weekly 'drop-in' group is held every wednesday 9.30 - 12.30 in Grafton on Queens St. A referral from a GP or other Health Professional is required.

The workshops are supported and funded by a.s.c.a. (Adult survivors of child abuse ) which is the data base for professionals in regional areas who receive referrals from the Royal Commision on Child Sexual Assault.

To register you need to phone to book a free half/hr appointment with the facilitators at their private practice in Queen St. The facilitators are Rachael Fischer and Joy Wheat both qualified Family Therapists. Joy is also a qualified sex therapist. Phone Rachael mob. 0423269150 Phone Joy mob 0423929247.

Individual counselling sessions are available after the group.on Wednesdays or by appointment other days of the week

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  • Street Address

    on Queens St
    GRAFTON NSW 2460, Australia

    Disabled Access Available

  • Opening Hours

    10am - 5pm

  • Contact Details

    (04) 2326-9150

    (04) 2392-9247


  • Additional Contact(s)

    Rachaell  Fischer   Facilitator

    (04) 2326-9150


  • Meeting Venue

    on Queens St Grafton (secret number)

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