Child and Family Health Clinic

Mon-Tues 10am-12.30pm, 2pm-4.30pm; Wed-Fri 9am-12.30pm, 2pm-4.30pm

Free service to assist and support families caring for children 0 to 5 years of age. Child and Family Health Nurses provide regular developmental screening from birth to 5 years or age as well as providing information and support on breastfeeding, maternal and infant nutrition, introducing solids, growth and development, sleep and settling, parenting, immunisation, dental care, child safety and community services.

Services may include; infant health screening, feeding advice, parenting groups, parent and child play groups, new mothers groups, immunisation programs and referrals where appropriate. Home visits are offered for all new mothers and babies.

Eligibility Criteria

0-5years. Blue book (personal health record) required

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  • Street Address

    47 Duke St
    Grafton NSW 2460, Australia

  • Opening Hours

    Mon-Tues 10am-12.30pm, 2pm-4.30pm; Wed-Fri 9am-12.30pm, 2pm-4.30pm

  • Contact Details

    (02) 6642-2487

    (02) 6642-1259

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