NORTEC Employment and Training - Grafton

NORTEC is a for-purpose, results-driven organisation delivering staffing, training, small business and community solutions across the NSW-Mid North Coast and Southern Queensland. 

NORTEC aims to create opportunities and inspire futures for community members and businesses in our region. They listen to understand and seek real solutions, providing a range of staffing, training, business support services and community investment.

NORTEC Staffing Solutions assists businesses in planning, sourcing, developing and managing their workforce to free up time and reduce hassle. We offer Temporary, Permanent and Labour Hire Solutions.

NORTEC Training Solutions can cater to your educational and business needs. Specialising in Community Services, Business/Management/Leadership/Administration, Training & Assessment and Retail & Hospitality, NORTEC Training Solutions has the training to craft your new career, or shape and develop your workforce. 

NORTEC Small Business Solutions offers workshops, delivery of Government-funded programs, valuable and relevant, up-to-date business information and small business incubator sites, in order to assist small business growth and promote success across our business community. 

 NORTEC Community Solutions delivers programs that are directly accessible to the general community, through government-funding, commercial enterprise-funded programs, community grants and business incubator sites. NORTEC Community Solutions also partner with other local community organisations to better understand and seek solutions for the needs of our unique regional and urban communities. 

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