Coutts Crossing Pre-School Inc.

Coutts Crossing Preschool Inc. is a beautiful small early childhood services located in the heart of Coutts Crossing, overlooking the countryside. 

We have four educators, three of which work everyday giving your child extra support and care. We follow the Australian curriculum Early Years Learning Framework, a play based learning program. 

Outdoor learning and sustainability are strong focuses within our curriculum. The preschool hosts a small vegetable garden, native gardens, flower beds and fruit tree and vines. We have a lovely open classroom that has large doors to our outside playground and a flexible learning program allowing your child to have the choice between inside and outside play.

Inside we host high quality resources creating engaging learning areas your child will love. With three professional educators three days a week and a director two days a week your child will revieve the best start to thier learning journey here at Coutts Crossing Preschool.

Enquire to book your spot today. 

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