plunge arts & culture festival

Each year, in April

Now is the time to try a workshop, learn a craft, catch a performance, see an exhibition, and celebrate our talented creative community. The festival runs for the whole of April and there are events right across the Clarence.

From 2013, hundreds of events have received FREE promotion and INCREASED EXPOSURE through the plunge art and culture festival program.

Events included are cultural experiences and events, music, dance and theatre performance, exhibition launches, Grafton regional gallery exhibitions and events, the CRAVE artist trail, workshops and education, teens and kids activities and workshops as well as art, craft and food markets. And the best news - it still doesn't cost anything for your event to be included.

How can plunge help your event? As part of the promotion you will get:
-      FREE inclusion in the plunge art and culture festival event guide
-      FREE listings and links to your website on the plunge art and culture festival web page
-      FREE inclusion in other marketing material where available, including:
       > Clarence Valley Culture Facebook page 
       > Clarence Valley Culture Instagram page
       > Clarence Valley Council Issuu page
          and other associated media including local newspaper advertisements and radio announcements.

 We are looking for anything arts or culture related taking place in April, annually.

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Entry is free and it is available for non-profit groups and organisations.