Grafton School of Yoga

Hatha Yoga. Meditation and relaxation for health and well-being.

Suitable for all levels of experience including beginners with reasonable fitness. Classes in Grafton and Minnie Water.

Teacher LONI WILSON  has taught yoga in Grafton for 15 years both at the Grafton Community College and for the last 10 years at her own studio. She holds a 3 year Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Teaching and is accredited with the Satyananda Yoga Academy.

SATYANANDA YOGA is a traditional and gentle form of yoga which focuses on physical, mental and emotional health through postures, breathing practices, meditation and yoga nidra relaxation.

Please e-mail or call 0439-273 289 regarding availability of classes.

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Entry is free and it is available for non-profit groups and organisations.