Aboriginal Health Unit - NNSW LHD

Aboriginal Health is part of the Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW LHD) and is responsible for ensuring the delivery of culturally appropriate medical services and health education/ promotion programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout the Northern NSW Local Health District area.

Aboriginal Health delivers a variety of health promotion activities and health education as well as supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with identification and management of chronic diseases. Included within Aboriginal Health is the Aboriginal Family Health Program that has strategies that focus on responding to family violence in Aboriginal Communities throughout NNSW LHD.

Senior Aboriginal Health Education Officer - Grafton
Carl Daley - Phone (02) 6640 2402

Aboriginal Family Health Coordinator - Maclean
Dallas Waters - Phone (02) 6640 0123

Aboriginal Health also partners with Government and Non-Government organisations to support the delivery of culturally effective health, social and emotional well-being programs.

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