The Whiddon Group - Grafton Residential Care

Whiddon has been caring for older Australians in NSW for nearly 70 years. We have grown from philanthropic origins to a large not for profit organisation with over 1700 staff and 2000 clients. We offer residential care, community care and independent living services.

Whiddon Grafton is an aged care community offering residential aged care homes and community care. Our community has beautiful gardens and outdoor areas for clients to enjoy.

Our home and residents have won awards in Grafton's annual Jacaranda Festival for 2 years running and we have wonderful connections with the local community, local schools and volunteer groups.

Our home was also a NSW state winner in the 2015 aged care hospitality awards for our wonderful food and dining programs, and also our cleaning services.

In addition to our extensive range of clinical care, wellbeing and lifestyle support services, our residents and clients have access to great food, creative ageing programs, landscaped gardens and much more. Our approach to care is personal, flexible and individually tailored to our residents needs. We work closely with our residents, family members and carers to develop a care plan that meets your care and wellbeing goals.

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