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Our Development Application tracker allows you to view details of applications lodged since 1 January 2015.

Applications submitted this week

Show Application ID Application Type Lodgement Date Details
MOD2021/0078 Section 4.55 Amendment 03-12-2021 12 Pacific Street ANGOURIE NSW 2464
Modification of DA2018/0486 modify BAL rating condition
DA2021/1121 Development Applications 03-12-2021 645 Franklins Road CALAMIA NSW 2460
Shed with facilities
DA2021/1196 Development Applications 03-12-2021 1143 Lawrence Road SOUTHGATE NSW 2460
Deck (as built)
DA2021/1136 Development Applications 03-12-2021 Gwydir Highway JACKADGERY NSW 2460
MOD2021/0072 Section 4.55 Amendment 02-12-2021 205 River Street MACLEAN NSW 2463
Modification of DA2021/0124 -Refurbishment of existing Hotel (change internal layout)
MOD2021/0068 Section 4.55 Amendment 02-12-2021 4 Freeburn Street YAMBA NSW 2464
Modificiaton of DA2019/0285 - Enclosing 16 carports
DA2021/1144 Development Applications 02-12-2021 Goulds Road ELLAND NSW 2460
DA2021/1078 Development Applications 02-12-2021 130 Ashby Tullymorgan Road ASHBY NSW 2463
Alterations and additions to dwelling
DA2021/1131 Development Applications 02-12-2021 Back Kings Creek Road LAWRENCE NSW 2460
DA2021/1102 Development Applications 02-12-2021 48 Riverview Street ILUKA NSW 2466
Dwelling and two lot torrens title subdivision
DA2021/1130 Development Applications 02-12-2021 6 Harley Close MOUNTAIN VIEW NSW 2460
DA2021/1125 Development Applications 02-12-2021 6 Stuart Street COPMANHURST NSW 2460
DA2021/1138 Development Applications 02-12-2021 Clarence Way MOUNTAIN VIEW NSW 2460
MOD2021/0073 Section 4.55 Amendment 02-12-2021 23 Brickworks Lane SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2460
Modification of DA2019/0399 delete dwelling and bays
DA2021/1065 Development Applications 01-12-2021 19 Ficus Close YAMBA NSW 2464
Shed and patio
DA2021/1077 Development Applications 01-12-2021 455 Armidale Road ELLAND NSW 2460
Covered area adjoining the existing swimming pool
DA2021/0979 Development Applications 01-12-2021 3 Freeburn Street YAMBA NSW 2464
DA2021/1096 Development Applications 01-12-2021 2/77 Sheepstation Creek Road DUNDURRABIN NSW 2453
DA2021/1110 Development Applications 01-12-2021 389 Goodwood Island Road GOODWOOD ISLAND NSW 2469
Two dwellings and boundary adjustment
SUB2021/0045 Subdivision 01-12-2021 181 Carrs Drive YAMBA NSW 2464
Six lot subdivision
DA2021/1107 Development Applications 01-12-2021 168 South Arm Road SOUTH ARM NSW 2460
Dwelling and shed
DA2021/1124 Development Applications 01-12-2021 42 Nugget Street DIGGERS CAMP NSW 2462
Dwelling addition and deck
DA2021/1139 Development Applications 01-12-2021 5 Yamba Street PALMERS ISLAND NSW 2463
Secondary dwelling and carport
DA2021/1150 Development Applications 30-11-2021 5004 Big River Way GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Dwelling and shed
DA2021/1143 Development Applications 30-11-2021 464 South Bank Road PALMERS CHANNEL NSW 2463
Dwelling and shed
DA2021/1142 Development Applications 30-11-2021 39 Scullin Street TOWNSEND NSW 2463
Verandah, carport and garage
DA2021/1119 Development Applications 30-11-2021 Russell Road WOODFORD ISLAND NSW 2463
Dwelling and consolidation of land
DA2021/1117 Development Applications 30-11-2021 3 Stockmans Place GULMARRAD NSW 2463
DA2021/1079 Development Applications 30-11-2021 35 Coldstream Street YAMBA NSW 2464
Food and drink premises (Cafe)
SUB2021/0044 Subdivision 30-11-2021 22 Lynhaven Crescent ULMARRA NSW 2462
Five lot subdivision
DA2021/1112 Development Applications 30-11-2021 Southampton Road SOUTHAMPTON NSW 2460
DA2021/1105 Development Applications 30-11-2021 382 Dobie Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2021/1069 Development Applications 30-11-2021 30 Wild Drake Road BLAXLANDS CREEK NSW 2460
Dwelling (Bushfire rebuild)
MOD2021/0075 Section 4.55 Amendment 30-11-2021 6 Valerie Close GLENREAGH NSW 2450
Modification of SUB2008/0038 - modify lot sizes
DA2021/1100 Development Applications 30-11-2021 21 Kerrani Place COUTTS CROSSING NSW 2460
DA2021/1088 Development Applications 30-11-2021 Peckhams Road EWINGAR NSW 2469
DA2021/1085 Development Applications 30-11-2021 40 Norrie Street SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2021/1094 Development Applications 30-11-2021 16 Jackschon Avenue GRAFTON NSW 2460
Demolition of garage and erect shed
DA2021/1095 Development Applications 29-11-2021 41 Ocean Road BROOMS HEAD NSW 2463
Dwelling alterations and additions and retaining walls
DA2021/1115 Development Applications 29-11-2021 10 Poinsettia Crescent BROOMS HEAD NSW 2463
Alterations and additions
DA2021/1114 Development Applications 29-11-2021 124 Lakes Boulevarde WOOLOWEYAH NSW 2464
Alterations and additions
DA2021/1108 Development Applications 29-11-2021 168 South Arm Road SOUTH ARM NSW 2460
Dwelling and shed
DA2021/1133 Development Applications 29-11-2021 959 Tucabia-Tyndale Road TUCABIA NSW 2462

If you have recently lodged a Development Application (DA) or are about to, please be aware that due to exceptional circumstances, customers can expect delays on Council assessment times for all DAs.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in the number of DAs throughout the Local Government Area, are delivering services with available resources, and are addressing impacts around the transition to online service delivery via the NSW Planning Portal.

Council is committed to maintaining open communication with applicants, developers and the community to provide as much certainty as possible about assessment timeframes.