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Our Development Application tracker allows you to view details of applications lodged since 1 January 2015.

Applications determined this month

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DA2022/0788 Development Applications 11-11-2022 8 Tulipwood Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2022/0787 Development Applications 11-11-2022 10 Tulipwood Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2022/0796 Development Applications 10-11-2022 7 Anzac Place GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Extension to existing shed
DA2022/0778 Development Applications 07-11-2022 5 Howletts Close GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2022/0779 Development Applications 03-11-2022 7 Wharf Street MACLEAN NSW 2463
DA2022/0776 Development Applications 02-11-2022 26 Little Tern Court GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Shed with sanitary facilities
MOD2022/0121 Section 4.55 Amendment 01-11-2022 2 Bushy Street YAMBA NSW 2464
Modification of DA2022/0310 - Modify Torrens title subdivision to Strata title subdivision
DA2022/0769 Development Applications 27-10-2022 14 Flame Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2022/0761 Development Applications 27-10-2022 4 Little Tern Court GULMARRAD NSW 2463
DA2022/0698 Development Applications 25-10-2022 25 Couttaroo Place COUTTS CROSSING NSW 2460
Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, secondary dwelling and swimming pool
DA2022/0749 Development Applications 25-10-2022 78 Wooli Street YAMBA NSW 2464
Sanitary facilities in existing shed
DA2022/0755 Development Applications 25-10-2022 3 McKenzie Drive GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Shed extension
DA2022/0748 Development Applications 24-10-2022 35 Maud Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Roofed deck, spa pool and shed
DA2022/0744 Development Applications 19-10-2022 29 Melville Street ILUKA NSW 2466
DA2022/0683 Development Applications 13-10-2022 75 Charles Street ILUKA NSW 2466
Telecommunications facility - satellite dish and associated infrastructure
DA2022/0713 Development Applications 13-10-2022 24 Albert Place GULMARRAD NSW 2463
DA2022/0720 Development Applications 12-10-2022 24 Della Place YAMBA NSW 2464
Front and side boundary fence
DA2022/0679 Development Applications 10-10-2022 10 Woodward Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Verandah roof and deck
DA2022/0715 Development Applications 06-10-2022 27 Frogmouth Drive GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Secondary dwelling
DA2022/0663 Development Applications 05-10-2022 21 Clarence Way MOUNTAIN VIEW NSW 2460
MOD2022/0103 Section 4.55 Amendment 30-09-2022 278 Ashby Tullymorgan Road ASHBY HEIGHTS NSW 2463
Modification of DA2022/0269 - change in shed orientation and height
DA2022/0675 Development Applications 29-09-2022 13 Earl Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Dual occupancy (attached) and two (2) lot strata subdivision
DA2022/0681 Development Applications 28-09-2022 19 Koolkhan Drive KOOLKHAN NSW 2460
Swimming pool and basketball court
DA2022/0686 Development Applications 23-09-2022 11 Tulipwood Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Dual occupancy and two lot strata subdivision
DA2022/0666 Development Applications 21-09-2022 17 Dunes Court YAMBA NSW 2464
Dwelling and swimming pool
DA2022/0658 Development Applications 19-09-2022 22 Della Place YAMBA NSW 2464
Spa and deck
DA2022/0662 Development Applications 16-09-2022 3 Grahams Close KREMNOS NSW 2460
Alterations and additions
DA2022/0634 Development Applications 13-09-2022 27 River Street ULMARRA NSW 2462
Shed with facilities, carport and demolition of existing shed
DA2022/0644 Development Applications 13-09-2022 14 Della Place YAMBA NSW 2464
DA2022/0635 Development Applications 08-09-2022 10 Kintyre Close TOWNSEND NSW 2463
Dwelling and gazebo
DA2022/0636 Development Applications 07-09-2022 19 Angourie Street ILUKA NSW 2466
Alterations & additions to dwelling
DA2022/0625 Development Applications 05-09-2022 249 Florda Red Drive WELLS CROSSING NSW 2460
DA2022/0602 Development Applications 01-09-2022 49 Yamba Street YAMBA NSW 2464
Retaining wall
DA2022/0566 Development Applications 30-08-2022 97 Charles Street ILUKA NSW 2466
Secondary dwelling
MOD2022/0082 Section 4.55 Amendment 26-08-2022 968B Brooms Head Road TALOUMBI NSW 2463
Modification od DA2021/0144 - Dwelling and shed (lower roof pitch, remove eaves and add verandah)
DA2022/0593 Development Applications 24-08-2022 6 Prince Street ASHBY NSW 2463
Relocation of existing carport and construct additional bay
DA2022/0571 Development Applications 24-08-2022 24 Della Place YAMBA NSW 2464
DA2022/0558 Development Applications 24-08-2022 21 Riverview Street ILUKA NSW 2466
Alterations and additions to dwelling
DA2022/0552 Development Applications 24-08-2022 92 Breimba Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2022/0577 Development Applications 17-08-2022 6892 Gwydir Highway CANGAI NSW 2460
Dwelling and farm building
DA2022/0524 Development Applications 03-08-2022 16 Kintyre Close TOWNSEND NSW 2463
Detached dual occupancy
SUB2022/0034 Subdivision 27-07-2022 10 Candole Street TUCABIA NSW 2462
Two lot subdivision
DA2022/0528 Development Applications 27-07-2022 10 Riverview Street ILUKA NSW 2466
Swimming pool, deck and awning
DA2022/0515 Development Applications 21-07-2022 2183 Big River Way ULMARRA NSW 2462
DA2022/0480 Development Applications 20-07-2022 149 Bald Hills Road HERNANI NSW 2453
Manufactured dwelling
DA2022/0465 Development Applications 20-07-2022 120 Yamba Road YAMBA NSW 2464
Alterations and additions to dwelling
DA2022/0399 Development Applications 18-07-2022 401 Kungala Road KUNGALA NSW 2460
Dual occupancy and shed
DA2022/0499 Development Applications 14-07-2022 2659 Big River Way ULMARRA NSW 2462
Dwelling Alterations and Additions (Raise existing dwelling, move Laundry, replace at lower level, new balcony, 2 sets of access stairs)
DA2022/0327 Development Applications 25-05-2022 91 Bent Street SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2460
Replacement of the fuel pumps alter forecourt hardstand area
DA2022/0314 Development Applications 05-05-2022 362 Dobie Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2022/0262 Development Applications 02-05-2022 44 Gumhill Drive WOOMBAH NSW 2469
As-built bedroom & stairway
DA2022/0290 Development Applications 26-04-2022 9 Gordon Street PALMERS ISLAND NSW 2463
Secondary dwelling and shed, fill, retaining walls and demolish existing shed
DA2021/1249 Development Applications 20-01-2022 130 Gilmores Lane HALFWAY CREEK NSW 2460
DA2021/1146 Development Applications 08-12-2021 344 Lawrence Road ALUMY CREEK NSW 2460
Earthworks, flood mound, dwelling and swimming pool
DA2021/1119 Development Applications 30-11-2021 Russell Road WOODFORD ISLAND NSW 2463
Dwelling and consolidation of land
DA2021/0558 Development Applications 02-08-2021 8 Park Avenue YAMBA NSW 2464
Multi Dwelling Housing (136 dwellings, exhibition home, clubhouse, community facilities)

If you have recently lodged a Development Application (DA) or are about to, please be aware that due to exceptional circumstances, customers can expect delays on Council assessment times for all DAs.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in the number of DAs throughout the Local Government Area, are delivering services with available resources, and are addressing impacts around the transition to online service delivery via the NSW Planning Portal.

Council is committed to maintaining open communication with applicants, developers and the community to provide as much certainty as possible about assessment timeframes.