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Our Development Application tracker allows you to view details of applications lodged since 1 January 2015.

Applications determined last week

Show Application ID Application Type Lodgement Date Details
MOD2021/0070 Section 4.55 Amendment 23-11-2021 10 Candole Street TUCABIA NSW 2462
Modification of DA2021/0754 - amend Condition 28
DA2021/1001 Development Applications 05-11-2021 10 Endeavour Street YAMBA NSW 2464
Swimming pool
DA2021/0986 Development Applications 01-11-2021 106 Victoria Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2021/0999 Development Applications 01-11-2021 29 Little Tern Court GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Shed with facilities
DA2021/0982 Development Applications 27-10-2021 30 Stokes Road GULMARRAD NSW 2463
DA2021/0968 Development Applications 22-10-2021 85 Hoof Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2021/0939 Development Applications 18-10-2021 83 Hoof Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Dwelling, earthworks and retaining wall
MOD2021/0063 Section 4.55 Amendment 14-10-2021 313 Coaldale Road FORTIS CREEK NSW 2460
Modification of Sub2006/0084
DA2021/0863 Development Applications 08-10-2021 214 Laytons Range Road NYMBOIDA NSW 2460
Dwelling (Bushfire rebuild)
DA2021/0864 Development Applications 08-10-2021 581 Firth-Heinz Road PILLAR VALLEY NSW 2462
Dual Occupancy
DA2021/0886 Development Applications 07-10-2021 Willie Wagtail Street GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Shed with sanitary facilities
DA2021/0812 Development Applications 23-09-2021 338 Watts Lane HARWOOD NSW 2465
Stage 1 - Boundary adjustment and Stage 2 Two dwellings
DA2021/0756 Development Applications 09-09-2021 151 River Street MACLEAN NSW 2463
Dwelling alterations/additions
DA2021/0788 Development Applications 09-09-2021 47 Havelock Street LAWRENCE NSW 2460
DA2021/0771 Development Applications 07-09-2021 64 Sovereign Street ILUKA NSW 2466
MOD2021/0051 Section 4.55 Amendment 07-09-2021 70 Cranworth Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Modification to DA2020/0112 minor additional works and design changes
DA2021/0749 Development Applications 02-09-2021 181 Clarence Way MOUNTAIN VIEW NSW 2460
Construction new dwelling to create dual occupancy, swimming pool, shed and retaining wall
DA2021/0649 Development Applications 26-08-2021 Kirchner Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Jetty Pontoon Corcoran Park
DA2021/0592 Development Applications 06-08-2021 2-4 Ward Street LAWRENCE NSW 2460
DA2021/0580 Development Applications 28-07-2021 65 Chapman Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2021/0482 Development Applications 26-07-2021 1007 Big River Way SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2460
Storage container and primitive camp ground
SUB2021/0026 Subdivision 22-07-2021 146 Jubilee Street TOWNSEND NSW 2463
Two lot subdivision of land
DA2021/0184 Development Applications 23-03-2021 54 Iluka Road WOOMBAH NSW 2469
Manufactured homes estate stage 2 and 3 (57 sites plus community building)
DA2021/0078 Development Applications 10-02-2021 21 High Street LAWRENCE NSW 2460
Alterations and Additions to dwelling

If you have recently lodged a Development Application (DA) or are about to, please be aware that due to exceptional circumstances, customers can expect delays on Council assessment times for all DAs.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in the number of DAs throughout the Local Government Area, are delivering services with available resources, and are addressing impacts around the transition to online service delivery via the NSW Planning Portal.

Council is committed to maintaining open communication with applicants, developers and the community to provide as much certainty as possible about assessment timeframes.