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Our Development Application tracker allows you to view details of applications lodged since 1 January 2015.

Applications determined last week

Show Application ID Application Type Lodgement Date Details
MOD2022/0035 Section 4.55 Amendment 10-05-2022 4 Hillclimb Close MOUNTAIN VIEW NSW 2460
Modification of DA2022/0003 - shed height variation
SUB2022/0021 Subdivision 02-05-2022 18 Ffloyd Court YAMBA NSW 2464
Boundary adjustment
DA2022/0278 Development Applications 28-04-2022 31 Kohler Drive YAMBA NSW 2464
DA2022/0284 Development Applications 22-04-2022 14 Kohler Drive YAMBA NSW 2464
DA2022/0232 Development Applications 22-04-2022 13 Harbour Street YAMBA NSW 2464
Demolition dwelling & outbuildings
DA2022/0263 Development Applications 20-04-2022 2 Peacock Street YAMBA NSW 2464
DA2022/0271 Development Applications 19-04-2022 38 Kendall Avenue WOOLI NSW 2462
DA2022/0234 Development Applications 11-04-2022 87 Bacon Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Alterations and additions to dwelling
DA2022/0229 Development Applications 07-04-2022 55 Villiers Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Alterations & additions to dwelling
DA2022/0238 Development Applications 05-04-2022 68 Dianella Drive GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Swimming Pool
DA2022/0228 Development Applications 31-03-2022 12 Goanna Close GULMARRAD NSW 2463
Swimming pool
DA2022/0222 Development Applications 31-03-2022 18 Beatson Street SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2460
DA2022/0220 Development Applications 29-03-2022 14 Della Place YAMBA NSW 2464
Swimming pool, retaining walls & fill
DA2022/0134 Development Applications 25-03-2022 13 Angourie Street ANGOURIE NSW 2464
Secondary dwelling & swimming pool
DA2022/0133 Development Applications 24-03-2022 5 Kireli Close KOOLKHAN NSW 2460
Dwelling, shed and swimming pool
DA2022/0170 Development Applications 16-03-2022 22 Kohler Drive YAMBA NSW 2464
MOD2022/0015 Section 4.55 Amendment 15-03-2022 47 Havelock Street LAWRENCE NSW 2460
Modification of SUB2009/0008 modify subdivision layout and reduce number of lots
DA2021/1246 Development Applications 04-03-2022 3939 Coaldale Road UPPER FINE FLOWER NSW 2460
DA2022/0092 Development Applications 01-03-2022 4 Loy Close GLENREAGH NSW 2450
DA2022/0127 Development Applications 23-02-2022 30 Woodford Street MACLEAN NSW 2463
Remove existing deck & erect new roofed deck
DA2022/0037 Development Applications 07-02-2022 2389 Orara Way GLENREAGH NSW 2450
DA2021/1189 Development Applications 04-02-2022 49 Cambridge Street SOUTH GRAFTON NSW 2460
Demountable steel covered roof area
DA2021/1331 Development Applications 31-01-2022 3940 Coaldale Road UPPER FINE FLOWER NSW 2460
DA2022/0033 Development Applications 28-01-2022 3 Stuart Street LAWRENCE NSW 2460
DA2021/1273 Development Applications 25-01-2022 44 Ellandgrove Road ELLAND NSW 2460
MOD2021/0082 Section 4.55 Amendment 17-01-2022 201 Queen Street GRAFTON NSW 2460
Modification of DA2017/0173 Health services facility (reduce number of beds and alterations to built form)
DA2021/1266 Development Applications 17-01-2022 56 Paines Road ASHBY NSW 2463
DA2021/1332 Development Applications 17-01-2022 5589 Clarence Way UPPER FINE FLOWER NSW 2460
DA2021/1213 Development Applications 22-12-2021 363 Upper Fineflower Road UPPER FINE FLOWER NSW 2460
DA2021/1131 Development Applications 02-12-2021 234 Back Kings Creek Road LAWRENCE NSW 2460
DA2021/0799 Development Applications 14-09-2021 354 Chatsworth Road CHATSWORTH NSW 2469
Alterations and additions to dwelling

If you have recently lodged a Development Application (DA) or are about to, please be aware that due to exceptional circumstances, customers can expect delays on Council assessment times for all DAs.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in the number of DAs throughout the Local Government Area, are delivering services with available resources, and are addressing impacts around the transition to online service delivery via the NSW Planning Portal.

Council is committed to maintaining open communication with applicants, developers and the community to provide as much certainty as possible about assessment timeframes.